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In light of the approaching election, Vice President Leni Robredo brought the population of Kakampinks together as she returned to her hometown in the Bicol region to hold the Grand Rally event. An estimated 360,000 people consisting of various sectors and volunteer groups took part in this historical volunteer-led movement in Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City on May 6. Different communities that are not limited to the youth, LGBTQIA+, volunteers, and professionals filled the road with pink during the One People’s March. Despite the scorching heat, the strong-willed crowd pushed through as they brought with them their hopes and dreams for good governance and a brighter tomorrow.

As the dusk approached and darkness began to envelop the surroundings, bright lights shone among the crowd. Everyone was able to witness and appreciate the fruits of the people's perseverance who spent nights organizing and decorating for the said event. The light allowed everyone to see their anticipated candidates whom they deemed qualified to lead. True to their campaign song, the light uplifted everyone to feel the song, “Liwanag sa Dilim”. It was a sign of hope, that in these dire times where evilness lurks around, Vice President Leni Robredo stands to offer genuineness and good will. Through the works of electricity, speakers and microphones served as mediums to amplify the voices of the candidates who speak of their platforms and pledge to the country. It was their means to communicate their plans, most especially for the marginalized and oppressed— “...mga nasa laylayan”— in the society. Lastly, the drone captured the great milestone of the Bicolanos who showed their united support towards the Tropang Angat and Leni-Kiko tandem.

Various instruments and devices such as speakers, microphones, stage lighting instruments, cameras, drones, etc. were all utilized to heighten everyone’s experience during the event. Electricity and magnetism worked in tandem to ensure the success of the Grand Rally. These two physics concepts apply to the process of operating speakers and microphones. Following the principle of electromagnetism, audio signals are turned into diaphragm movement within a magnetic field to produce a sound. Furthermore, their parts and components use magnets to create vibrations that reach the human ear; the larger the vibrations, the larger the area that the sound can reach. With the ambiance created by the works of physics, the crowd felt the spirit of the line, “Kulay Rosas ang Bukas”.